“Audio mixing is the process of balancing and editing recorded audio tracks to produce a proper blend of all the sounds present on a single song.”

– Masterclass (2021)

Mixing is about making the most of your music. A great mix can separate a good recording from a great one or a professional product from an amateurish one. It not only allows your recordings to translate better across multiple speakers and devices but also creates the kind of emotional dynamics that are essential if your music is to hold its own when played side by side with the best commercial tracks in your genre, on both streaming services and terrestrial radio or television.

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I have been mixing professionally for the last five years and spent the five years before that learning my craft in some of London’s top studios with the best engineers in the business. I provide fast and reliable service and don’t put any limits on how many revisions you can ask for.

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Programming (Orchestral and Drums)

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